Skincare in Every Season: Adjusting Your Routine for Different Weather


The seasons come and go, bringing their own respective weather patterns with them. While certain aspects of life remain the same, one thing that changes with each season is our skincare routine. In this article, we’ll discuss how to adjust our skincare habits depending on the season, so our skin is always in its best condition!

1. Power of the Seasons: Adjusting Your Skincare Regimen

The changing of the seasons can have a drastic effect on our skin. Whether it’s the temperature, the humidity or the amount of sunlight, the fluctuations put your skin through its paces.

It’s important to make adjustments to your skincare routine with each season for healthier and brighter skin. To save you time and potential breakouts, here are some simple pointers to adjust your regimen:

  • Winter – This season brings a dryer atmosphere and in order to combat this, you should switch to milder cleansers which don’t strip away precious natural oils.
  • Spring – This season brings an increase in the level of humidity, making it the ideal time to try a light moisturiser with SPF from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Summer – This is the time to switch to lighter, oil-free lotions and opt for gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to remove layers of dead skin.
  • Autumn – During autumn, level of humidity and UV radiation are both lower than the summer (but still there). Keep using lightweight moisturisers but do an extra facial massage every now and then.

Tip: Most importantly, remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day regardless of the season.

If you carry out these small but effective adjustments in accordance with the season, you’ll benefit from healthier, brighter and more youthful skin all-year round.

2. Harnessing the Climate: Revamping Your Regime with the Changing Weather

Adapt Your Outfit
As the climate changes, you’re going to need to revamp your wardrobe. Have cooler fabrics like linen and lightweight cotton for summer days, and warmer fabrics like wool and flannel for winter. Investing in versatile items that can be easily adjusted, such as layering pieces and pieces with removable linings or hoods, will also be beneficial.

Get Ready for Rain and Shine
With the variability of the climate, you should always come prepared for either rain or shine. Invest in rain boots and a waterproof coat – these items will make sure you stay dry and comfortable when the first showers come. For the sunny days, don’t forget your sun protection – hats, sun block, and stylish sunglasses will all help you combat bright days.

Protect Your Skin
With the changing temperatures, harsh winds, and strong UV rays (depending on the season) the climate can be brutal on your skin. Hydrating face masks, moisturizing lotions, and lip balms will help you protect your skin all year round. Sunscreen is also a must when the sun is out – no matter the season, make sure you are wearing an SPF of at least 30.

Choose Your Footwear Carefully
Having the right type of footwear for the weather is essential. Invest in quality shoes, like Gore-Tex boots, that can protect feet from cold, rain, and snow. Additionally, make sure you have comfortable sandals and flip flops to wear when the weather is warm – make sure you stock up on socks too, so you can wear them with them when the temperatures drop.

Be Ready to Layer Up
Layering your clothing will help you both keep warm and adapt to sudden changes in weather. Items like cardigans, windbreakers, and ponchos are perfect for throwing on when needed, as they can easily be added or removed as the weather changes. Additionally, it is recommended to have a few light scarves and a hat handy too, as they can be great for adding warmth or covering up from the sun.

3. Tap Into Nature: Crafting a Skin-Friendly Routine Through Every Climate

Your skin doesn’t thrive at the same temperature or humidity all the time, so you need to tailor your skincare routine accordingly. Through every climate and season, taking advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer can be beneficial for the health and look of your skin.

These tips below can help you build the ideal skin-friendly routine:

  • In hotter climates, look for products with natural ingredients like aloe vera that can help soothe skin after spending time in the sun by creating a barrier to lock in moisture.
  • To battle dry and cold weather, opt for a creamy cleanser and balm that adds extra protection against dryness and reduces the need to exfoliate as much.
  • In humid climates, use an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer so as to not block your pores. Additionally, switch from foaming to gel-like cleansers, which don’t over-dry the skin.
  • Opt for an all-natural skin mask made from seasonal vegetables and fruits for deep-cleaning. Pumpkins, apples, and cucumbers can do wonders for your skin.

Tailor Your Sunscreen

Keep your sunscreen regimen in mind and adapt it to your environment. For instance, if you’re in a sunny climate, choose a sunscreen that has a higher SPF than you would use when in a colder area. Make sure that you’re regularly applying sunscreen all year round.

Natural Exfoliation

Your skin also gets a lot of benefit in each season just from the natural elements. Regular activities like swimming in saltwater or spending time in sand can help give your skin a gentle exfoliation. Additionally, you can boost the effects of normal weather with tools such as humidifiers for dry climates or air filters that remove pollutants in more urban areas.

Your skin changes throughout the year, and accordingly, your skincare routine should be seasonal! Through mindful attention to the changes in weather, you can enhance the effects of your skincare routine and make sure to keep your skin radiantly healthy through all four seasons!

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