Mastering Eyeliner: Techniques for Different Eye Shapes


Tired of not knowing how to apply eyeliner for your eye shape? Has it become a daily struggle to create the perfect eye look? Well, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll be exploring the various techniques and tricks for mastering eyeliner that will help open up and define any eye shape. From classic cat eyes to smoky looks, you’ll have no trouble achieving the perfect eye look in no time!

1. Perfecting the Cat-Eye: Mastering Eyeliner for All Eye Shapes

Creating the elusive cat-eye look may seem intimidating, but with a little patience — and the right products — it can become an everyday makeup routine. To perfect the cat-eye, you’ll need an eyeliner that allows for precision and control.

An angled eyeliner brush is an especially great option for those looking for more control when creating the line of their cat-eye, as it will give you the ability to create a perfectly sharp and precise line. For those looking for a less traditional application, liquid liners that have a felt tip applicator may provide more control.

It’s important to consider eye shape when creating the perfect cat-eye too. For a natural-looking cat-eye, find an eyeliner look that follows the natural curvature of your eye. Here’s how to master the perfect cat-eye for each eye shape:

  • Almond-Shapes Eyes – Start the liner slight from the inner corner and extend it up to your browbone in an elongated point.
  • Round Eyes – Create a thicker line as close to your lashes as you can and extend it above your crease as your wings.
  • Hooded eyes – Begin at the inner corner and draw the line at an angle downwards. Then extend the line up to meet the outer edge of your brow once you reach your crease.
  • Downturned eyes – When creating the wing, angle it upwards and then bring it back toward the inner corner of your eye. End the liner just past your inner corner to lift your eyes.

With some practice and patience, mastering the classic cat-eye look is within reach!

2. Get Intense with Almond and Hooded Eyes

When it comes to gorgeous almond and hooded eyes, the key is to reach for intense colours and high drama. Here are some tips for making your eyes truly stand out.

  • Play with lengthening lashes: Opt for a volumizing mascara for length and depth. If you have hooded eyes, use a lengthening mascara and comb it through your lashes with a lash comb.
  • Colour to make an impression: Using black or brown eyeliner can work but for dramatic almond and hooded eyes, line your upper and lower lids in a smouldering shade like navy blue or forest green.

For a more subtle, daytime approach, opt for grey, brown, or gold eyeliner and give it a quick smudgy finish by blending your liner with a fluffy brush. This look is great for almond eyes because it defines the eyes without overdoing it.

If you want to really amp up your eyes, use eyeshadow to make an even bigger statement. For almond eyes, bright shades like turquoise, amber or copper are mesmerizing. For hooded eyes, try a combination of matte and metallic eyeshadows to get the look right. Cut the crease with a darker colour and blend it well for a smokey effect.

3. The Magic of Monolids and Deep-Set Eyes

Monolids are a feature that many people find mysterious and intriguing but may not be aware of how special they really are. Not only are they exotic-looking but they are quite versatile when it comes to makeup looks. Deep-set eyes bring the audacity needed to create dramatic looks, adding depth and dimension.

For those who have monolids, eye makeup can be quite the adventure. From neutral to bold and daring, your eyes can be as expressive as you want. Since monolids can appear to have fewer crease lines, creating dimension with liners and shadows is key. Begin by using a light, shimmery color on the lids, then work up to mid-tone shadows to create depth and then apply a darker shadow near the lash line to emphasize the eye’s shape.

From there, use pencil or liquid eyeliner to complete the look. Those who enjoy a dramatic, winged liner look can use a dark pencil shade to line their eyes and then smudge it out with a brush. For those who are more comfortably with a minimal liner look, a subtle liquid liner can work wonders.

The options don’t end there. Using mascara alone will create volume and definition and adding false eyelashes creates a more dramatic look. Depending on your preference, you can make makeup on monolids appear nearly invisible, or you can create an impact with dramatic colors or a smokey eye. The possibilities are truly endless.

4. Unlocking the Beauty of Downturned and Prominent Eyes

For those gifted with downturned or prominent eyes, unleashing their one-of-a-kind beauty can be an enjoyable exercise. A few strategic makeup techniques can bring out their natural attractiveness and complement the eyes’ features for a striking look.

  • Draw Attention to the Lid Area – Start with foundation, then manually lift the lids with a very light touch of a gentle bronzer or facial highlighter. Make sure the bronzer or highlighter shade is very close to the natural skin tone. Avoid glittery, sparkly eyeshadows. To focus attention to the lid area, swipe eyeshadow onto the lids with a thinner eyeshadow brush.
  • Bolden the Brows – Define eyebrows with a soft-colored, matte shadow and an angled brush. Start and end the brows slightly beyond the eyes’ outer corners for a more lifted effect. Once the eyebrows have been redefined, brush them using a clean spoolie. Lock the look in place with a clear eyebrow gel.
  • Enhance with Lashes and Mascara – Apply a coat of mascara from the roots to the tips of the upper lashes for added volume. For extra length, apply individual false lashes or a few clusters at the outer edges. Curling the mascara-covered lashes also helps open up the eyes. For extra definition, add a few short strokes using a black liquid eyeliner.
  • Bring Out the Sparkle– To complete the look, apply a nude-toned matte eyeshadow and a dab of a light shimmery eyeshadow on the brow bone. To add more definition, simply trace the upturned part of the eyes with an eyeliner. Finish with a coat of mascara on the lower lashes.

Unleashing the unique beauty of downturned or prominent eyes is all about making them appear wider, more open, and brighter. With a few expertly done makeup techniques, these eyes will become the talk of the town. After all, they are a one-of-a-kind, special feature, and with proper love and care, they can truly shine!

From a subtle morning makeup look to a bold evening style, mastering eyeliner has never been easier! Experiment with different eye-liner shades and techniques to make the most of your beautiful eyes. With practice comes perfection so have fun with it and enjoy trying new looks for every occasion!

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